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Donate Money

It may seem impersonal, however donating money is always the best choice. It enables us to get help to the children who need it most in the quickest manner possible.

Purchase Items

Books, school supplies, clothing, security lighting, volleyballs & soccer balls to name a few items. We keep an updated list of items which are in desperate need.

A Helping Hand

If you are unable to give money or donate items we could still use a helping hand in spreading the word about Donate your time in helping the cause.

Our Mission

Charity For Education

Improving education is one of the fundamental steps in breaking the cycle of poverty. Your generous donations help build schools, buy books, school uniforms, and sports equipment.

Improve Living Conditions

Many of Roatan's Children live in extreme poverty, and adverse conditions. Security can be an issue, one of the ways we are helping is by providing solar security lighting to make their homes safer.

Safe Drinking Water

Roatan is in the Tropics and does receive a lot of rainfall, however they get yearly droughts as well. Your donations help keep the cisterns sanitized, wells running, & provide bottled water if necessary.


Providing basic healthcare services to Roatan's Children is at the core of our mission. A healthy body and mind in combination with a solid education and positive role models helps ensure a bright future for the children of Roatan.

Feed the Hungry

Many poor families in Roatan live hand to mouth and sometimes have to make tough decisions between keeping the electricity turned on and feeding their families. helps make sure kids don't go hungry.

Innovation For Children

Technology continues to play a large role in the education process and to children's future success. Donations of older laptops and computers are put to good use in Roatan's schools and classrooms. If you have an old laptop please consier donating it.

Roatan Childrens Fund

The Roatan Children's Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the children of Roatan, Honduras. It provides education, healthcare, and other services to children in need

Pedro Nufio School Room Addition
Library Bookcases in all 28 Elementary Schools
Soccer Balls & Volleyballs
School Uniforms
School Supplies

Familias Saludables

Familias Saludables or "Health Family's" is a non-profit dedicated to combating the AIDS epidemic on Roatan and the Bay Islands. They focus on reducing mother-to-child transmission of the virus and offer services such as testing clinics for pregnant women, trained home visitors for mothers with HIV/AIDS, public education, palliative training services, and providing necessary supplies to support families affected by the disease. All services are free, and the organization operates with volunteer staff, both local and international."

Presentation & Educational Information to College Students
Donor & Volunteer Hanging Out with the Kids

In addition to our generous individual sponsors we would like to thank the following organizations for their contributions to the betterment of Roatan

Hope Needs Team Work

Let's Get Social

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